The Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research at NC State (CHMPR/NCSU)

Research to optimize productivity, performance and scalability of applications of hybrid multicore processors and to investigate and prototype new applications and cloud computing services made possible by hybrid multicore computing capabilities that meet the needs of industry and government partners.

The NSF Center for Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR) and its affiliated industry and government partners aim to be recognized globally as the preeminent cooperative research consortium for addressing the productivity, performance and scalability issues in meeting the insatiable computational demands of its sponsors applications through the continuous evolution of multicore architectures and open source tools.

At CHMPR/NCSU, our vision is to push the envelope of Big Data and Analytics into the era of the Analytics Enterprise where new data sources and analytic tools drive high-value innovation and unleash solutions to complex problems.

The use of analytics has become the “cover charge” for most organizations that hope to maintain profitability.  The leaders will be those organizations that find novel ways of integrating diverse data sources with advanced analytic tools to find new insights and opportunities for success.  We recognize that this can be an expensive and high-risk endeavor for many organizations, and the goal of CHMPR/NCSU is to provide our members with access to our multi-disciplinary analytics experts in direct collaboration with their internal talent in a low-overhead, fast-turnaround environment.  We offer high-value expertise in areas such as real-time analytics on data in motion, techniques for applying analytics to large-scale data sets, and the governance and integration of existing and new data sources such as video, voice, and text.  We work with our members to build project-specific teams, optimizing talent resources from both organizations to deliver measurable business value.